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Very cute!! I really like this. A few sentences could have been broken into two but overall, I though it was well written! I really felt for him!
Very good. You left out a couple of words, and some sentences could have been written differently. Your overall story is nice though, keep working on the simple things like grammar, and re-read your work a few times, and you'll be there in no time. Good Job
Yours is a very creative "take" on the "I can't sing" theme. Good job!
OK. I'm jealous. This is really smart. The character's style changes too much though at the end. Not in being thankful, but it seems a bit forced, not natural. But I really like the full body of words painting a picture here...
I agree with all the rest. What a great premise. I like the humor. I also agree that the last paragraph does not seem to fit with the rest(just a tiny word of critique in an otherwise great piece). All in all, very sweet and fun to read.
I can't add more to the comments above, but I will say, I expect the police to be waiting for me every Sunday, for just the same reasons. blessings - dub
Fun story. Good work.