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This is really good. I like the repetition of the first two lines.

At first I had trouble finding the topic... And then the corrected meaning of "tie" hit me and it all made sense. My fault. Not yours. :)

Nice job with this.
Awesome post! I love I love Dr. Suess stories and this had that feel to it but with an awesome message!!

Well done!!
I really like this piece. I think you did a marvelous job. The repetition was perfect.
This is very good, I enjoyed each and every word of it. It is so true, we choose heaven or hell, it's up to to us. I choose heaven, and I can see you do also. Lovely poem!
You're a beginner? Nah! This was just a clever piece. But I like Allison, just thought you stuck the word tie in there. It wasn't until her comment that I went back and looked and sure enough, there it was. There is not tie between heaven and hell. They are as different as they can be and we must choose. Good job finding a nice sound like for difficult with tumult. I really liked the message, the flow and the very clever "tie-in" of this whole piece. Thanks, great job.
This is the truth - I truly enjoyed this!
What an amazing beginning entry!
Your rhyming was fantastic and your message timeless and true. Great job.