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I had this articles formatted much differently than it appears here when I originally wrote it. I had it broke down into five different paragraphs. I'm disappointed that it's showing up like this, it looks sloppy and is difficult to read. Any advice on how to get proper spacing when submitting an article would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks, and God bless.
*article*, not *articles*
You did a great job on this topic. You drew me in with your title and kept me engaged with your good points.

As for the formatting, before you hit submit, always hit preview so you can see how your reader will see it. If you copy and paste it, often the formatting is lost and you have to go through and manually enter the spacing. Don't worry about it as far as judging goes because the judges realize things like that can happen.

You did a nice job using scripture to make your point. Good job.
Thanks Shann, for the feedback and the advice. I'm fairly new here, and I see I have a lot to learn. I'll definitely preview my articles before submitting them from now on. God bless!
Excellent. You have truly targeted the divisions harming the unity in churches today (and yesterday). Modesty is the best dress code anytime, anywhere. Thank you.