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This is so beautiful. You did a brilliant job of tackling the topic in a fresh and fascinating way. I almost wanted to lose my eyes as i read so I could visualize your descriptions better. They were amazing.

The only red ink I have is tiny. There shouldn't be a period after Miss because it isn't an abbreviation. Also you may want to consider breaking it up into smaller paragraphs and double space between them to make it easier to read. Especially with the word limit of 750, it can be overwhelming if the paragraphs are long.

Overall, I think you did a great job. Your scripture choice was a perfect match. I can't carry a tune at all so I really related to the MC. I also think that watching people sign songs is more moving sometimes (for my tone-deaf ears at least) than hearing it. There is a sense of intimacy with God that is brought out. If people have never witnessed a song of praise being signed, they are missing out on a beautiful and touching way of worshiping and you did a great job of showing that passion with your words.
This was touchingly beautiful! Thank you. What a lovely and powerful read.

God bless~
Thanks for sharing such a well written an interesting to read testimony. I agree, breaking up the writing into paragraphs would greatly enhance the readability. Well done.
Beautiful! I loved this!
Congratulations on ranking 8th in your level! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards for the top 8 to 15 in each level and the top 35 overall.)