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Awww...this was so sweet and such a lovely read! Thanks for the romance and this entry. Nicely done.
God bless~
I think this is a really sweet story. I'm sure that many wives will read this and think why can't my husband do that for me? It's nice to see the different ways we express our love for each other.

I did think it was slightly week with the topic. I know you use the word key near the very end, but if you would leave this sentence out, your story still would have been a strong one. The idea of writing on topic is to have the topic be the main center--the main focal point of the story. If you take out anything that is related to the topic would the story stand on its own? If the answer is No, then you know you've done a great job of writing on topic.

I do think you did a fantastic job of the other criteria that the judges use to score each submission. You had a nice strong beginning and it showed the conflict of going out on Valentine's Day or staying in with the baby. It made me want to read on and discover what would happen next. You also had a nice strong ending that left the reader with a warm feeling and a sense of hope. I think the story is a good reminder to everyone that we need to show each other we love them not just on Valentines Day, but on every single day God allows us to be on this earth.
What a delightful story! I love the feel of romance, surprise and wonder.

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