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I actually really enjoyed this. Your choice of words and the frenzied pace was a perfect match for all the thoughts zooming around the MC's brain.

Though I did like the pacing, I felt surprised to find the MC old enough to be married. I had pictured a teen boy. I also noticed some typos like cant instead of can't and its instead of it's. If you don't have someone who can proof the piece for you, try letting it rest for a day or two then check it over with fresh eyes.

Though it may have been a tad week on topic, I think the message was quite clear and one we all need reminding of in this day of hustle and bustle and instant gratification. It is vital to take time for God, otherwise we will find those bags we are attempting to juggle will come crashing down on our heads. :)
Good entry and compelling in terms of the message and in the way the topic was presented. Nicely done.
God bless~
I think this is a story we can all relate to at one point in our lives. I have also learned to stop running, and am dealing with life one step at a time. Good read and keep writing.