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This was a powerful story that truly is indicative of today. Denying Christ and His gospel, and keeping God out of schools, and all other areas of government is the mainstay today. Yes, we are the minority!

I loved the MC and how she confronted the "group" - it was invigorating how she stood against "men" and their doctrines. Great job.

Excellent story.

God bless~
You did a nice job with this piece. I like how you introduced the main conflict right away and then had smaller conflicts pop up to reinforce the main one. I feel so naive as I read this and pray that it hasn't come to this state yet, but I fear it could be around the corner. I remember in 7th grade we all had to bring Bibles in to school and read sections of the Old Testament as so much important history lays within those pages. I've often wondered how now how some thirty years later how people would react to learning about ancient history via the Bible. Nice job on this story.
An interesting take on the topic of 'Staff.' You've written it in a way that suggests it's true and happened to you and your family. I admire you for standing up for what you believe. How sad, that this is what's actually happening these days in the world. Nicely put together.
You speak for so many. Thank you. I do not know how those who have school-age children, and are not even reasonably acquainted with Jesus, can confront the system. My heart is hugging yours . . .
I hope your story wasn't true--that our society has come to such an impasse, but you presented the problem clearly.
A clearly presented realistic story, that certainly presents the time we are living in very well. God bless you for having the courage and conviction to live it and tell it.
Wow, very powerful meaning in your story. I enjoyed the simplicity and yet the deep meaning. It encourages others to stand for the truth, especially in this day and age.
Bravo for standing on the Truth and for displaying it in this well written story.