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I truly enjoyed this insightful devotion. From the beginning where you quoted the book of Matthew until the very end where you prayed from your heart, I found myself mesmerized by your words. You did a great job with this piece. Keep writing I'm eager to see more of your work.
Good job with this lovely devotional. Thank you.
God bless~
This is good, and there are some great reminders in here. Nice job.
Very, very nice devotional here.Thanks for reminding me of what is really important and to keep praying for answers.

Very well done. I really enjoyed reading this
Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder and prompt to continue praying, listening and responding to the Spirit of God. A lovely devotional and I think your title is spot-on! Thank you again.
I enjoyed your entry. Prayer... the most neglected weapon God has given us. Isn't wonderful that he continually reminds us to use it? Good job!
AMEN!! This piece really spoke to me with its message to "keep on praying and never give up"!

I was especially blessed by the following: " I can hear the Holy Spirit say, "Revive a lost cry, dear one, for the Father has not forgotten your tears. He is waiting to answer those prayers from long ago. The Father wants you to cry out again for those things that once stirred in you like a burning passion."

I, too, am praying for family members, and I don't want to give up until they are saved, healed, delivered, and transformed by Christ!

Thank you for this encouraging, challenging call to faithful prayer!
Keep praying YES-- thank you for this well written reminder!
Your devotional is a great reminder to never lose faith - be persistent and believe. Your prayers will now be joined by others that God's will for you and your loved ones come to pass.
I have always loved this verse in Matthew 7:7 because it speaks to the fact that our wonderful God wants us to keep in continual communication with Him as well as the fact that He desires to answer prayer. This devotional really touched me because these last 2 years I have really tired of praying for the "things of old" that have yet to come to pass. These things are really important to me but I have allowed them to collect cobwebs because of my impatience. Thank you for the important reminder that God always cares and needs us to care too so that we can be conduits of His love and power through prayer. It is amazing that God chooses to use us to bring His will into being, but since He does, we need to remain faithful. This was a beautifully written devotional.
By the way, the version you used here, the NLT, correctly translates this verse from the Greek. We are not just supposed to "pray, ask and knock" once or even multiple times. We are supposed to continually do these things; "Keep praying, keep asking, and keep knocking which is not how most versions render this verse. This only makes this verse even more perfect for the topic!

Thank you for touching our hearts for God's purposes . . .