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God can bring peace out of tragedy, but sometimes situations can be difficult to deal with.
This is a very poignant and touching story, and you drew me in right away. Your writing style is descriptive and engaging. I really liked your ending, too. Good job! :)
I really was pulled in to this entry, immediately. The subject of suicide is never easy to write about, but you managed to do so with finesse and class. Your ability to entertain on such a sad subject is not easy to do.

I am surprised you are in this level, you will not be here long. An altogether excellent piece with thought provoking moments.

God works in ways beyond our understanding. He'll always give us beauty for our ashes. I'm sure somehow the young man found God's grace as he goes through life.

Excellent job!

God bless~
I have tears in my eyes as I read the story. You brought the characters to life for me and the pain was so real it jumped off the page. Suicide is such a tricky subject to talk about. So many people fear saying the wrong thing that often those left behind do not receive the solace that they so desperately need. The first and biggest thing you can do for a relative of a suicide victim is pray for them. Often people say well the least I can do is pray, but in actuality it is the most one can do. Your words will touch the hearts of many people. Good job.
Congratulations for ranking 11th in level one!
I too, was touched by your story and the helplessness that is felt by those wanting to sympathize with the family. Our God is big, may He somehow reach through all the circumstances and draw your friend back. Keep praying and don't give up on Him.