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Excellent work on the story. Very well spoken from the heart,and worded. Definitely, real talk... "how about i agree'. Good job,"great job actually".

Again, i really liked your story.

"May I..." encourage you to use scripture next challenge. "Add a little hot sauce, spice it up a bit"! ;)
You made me well up with this one. This piece is profound, loving, smooth-flowing, and very, very, well-written.
Wow this really made me teary eyed. It reminds me of several times this year when I found myself humbled by my children. I am grieving my empty nest as they all moved onto a different phase in their life but when I worried about how college tuition would be paid, one of them would remind if God wants me here it will work out. They are at the point where they have surpassed me and I know I've done my job well. That's what is so awesome about this piece--everyone can find a way to relate, whether they have helped newbies learn to write better only to see their name on the rankings below their buddy or if they are a mentor to and see the child graduate college. This piece shows how God gives us certain gifts. We may not change the world but if we change one person's world God will say well done. You have lifted my spirits by writing this piece and I have no doubt that Jesus is nodding his head and saying well-done.
Ii gushed over this but then thought of some tiny red ink. I rarely say anything about titles because often I either don't read them or have trouble thinking of one. But Measure of a Man is too pedantic for an extraordinary piece. It needs a title to make it stand out so people are drawn to it. I hope that makes back to gushing! :-)
This touched my heart. Beautiful. God bless~
I can tell you're a teacher. And a good one. Well done
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