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This is a delightful read. I feel like I was right there listening to you pour your heart out.

I wonder if you needed the first paragraph. You did do a nice job of transition though. However, if you had started with s description of the earthquake and how it made you feel it might have had a bigger pull. This is just an example: Chills prickled down my spine as I felt the ground rumbling. Something like that might set the pace and then you could go on to describe your fascination with numbers.

I think your take on the topic is creative and fresh. I'm sure the memory is fresh in your mind but I never thought of the Richter Scale as a type of measurement. It clearly is though and you did an excellent job of showing that. I think you have a knack for writing and your testimony is a powerful one. I have no doubt God will use your words in ways you may never know.
Your take on the topic is very interesting. I have never felt the rumblings of an earthquake, but I can image it would be very scary.
Just last month my brother-in-law unexpectantly went to be with the Lord. No warning, no chance to say goodbye, just gone in a moment. The shock of it all is what's hard. Yet, knowing He was a Christian and is in Heaven helps us go on.
Things happen suddenly as you mentioned in your article about the earthquake. But if we are ready to meet the Savior, we don't have to fear the future. Good testimony!
Wow - powerful pensive piece. God bless~
I felt the conversational flow to this piece and felt like I was at the table sharing a cup of coffee with you. So I liked the flow.
If you wanted to spice it up a bit you could draw on a few more of the senses through more detailed descriptions.