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This is a great story. You had me grinning right from the beginning. I really liked how you showed the husband's life for his wife.

You had some tiny errors like “Yes.” I replied. There should be a comma after "Yes," because you used the tagline I replied and that's not a complete sentence without the words that she replied. If you use a narrative like this: "Yes." I rolled my eyes as he fumbled with the glasses. Then the Yes can stand on it's own because her actions are a complete sentence. I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

I like how you used the topic. When I was trying to come up with something the idea of flat pop (or soda) never entered my head. I think it is a fresh and creative take on the subject. I don't know f I could have tolerated it for 2 weeks but I still liked your ending. Oh what we do for the people we love. This was a delight to read.
Nothing worse than a burn. I'm glad the story had such a happy ending. It sounds like you have a gem of a husband.
Cute story! You do well with including lots of detail to create the scene.

The switching around at the beginning had me a little confused as far as what the story was about. I wasn't clear on how the opening sentences matched the ending. You might want to get a writer friend (you can look for a challenge buddy on the forums if you haven't already) who can read over your entry and make sure everything is clear. We are often too close to our stories (especially if it's personal experience) to know whether or not it flows.

Great job on drawing me into the story, keep writing!
I loved your story. It reminds me of how my husband and I sometimes seem to speak different languages. :)
Awww. This was an adorable story and it made my heart smile. God bless~