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Add a scripture and you have a beautiful devotional. Do add space between paragraphs for easier reading. I would cut the part about your having been sick and going to the bank, and start with going out to take the photos. Great job! Keep writing!
Excellent message. I agree with Jody about starting your story with the picture taking and about spacing.
Good devotional thoughts. You've given us some things to think about.
Nicely written. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Great metaphor. The places that appear safe and inviting are often the dangerous ones. I like the thought of someone taking a risk to leave behind a warning.

To sharpen this devotion, I would cut most of the first paragraph and get us right to your theme.

Good job with your analogy and bringing it all together!
This is a delightful devotion. It is the perfect length for most devotion meetings. I like how you showed a real life example that many people can relate to.

In the middle, you switch gears somewhat by asking questions. This is just my personal opinion but the questions felt a bit relative. Instead just by switching it up some you can change the tone. For example: As I reflected on my life, my stomach churned ad I remembered the times when I ignored the earning signs left by God. I began to tremble as I ruminated on the times when God protected me from multiple dangers.
That example might not be exactly what you were looking for but I hope it helps show you the difference between asking a string of questions and showing the MC in a bunch of scenarios.

There are many great things about your piece. You have some excellent examples of painting a picture for the reader. I could picture your beautiful descriptions in my head. Your message was powerful and one we all need to reflect on from time to time. The ending puffed with passion (that's a really big compliment) It also brought the piece full circle. Thank you for sharing this with me. I have been blessed by your words.
Vivid details along with a beautiful message unfolded in this touching entry. Wonderful work! God bless~
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