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Oh this was such a "different and totally delightful take on the topic." I loved how creative this piece was and loved the message. Great job. And, so true. Amen!

God bless~
Beautiful message. I hope that God continues to give you strength to overcome all obstacles and fear. Tomorrow is a new day... look out for the plans that he has for you. You have a great gift.

God bless you.

This is a powerful, poignant story of despair caught up in hope. I felt as if the words came directly from your heart, and these are the sorts of stories that are my favorite to read.
This is a powerful piece. and I found my heart aching for that little girl and my desire to wrap my arms around her and just love her. This isn't an easy topic to tackle.

You did have a few minor errors (which if you'd like a challenge buddy or a critique group to help you with those things either check the message board or send me a PM and I'll help you)

You told the story in such a way that it won't soon be forgotten. When I read your note at the end, my first thought was you were an expert at writing and hoped no one would achieve that high of a level. But then it only took me a millisecond to think DUH and to realize you were an expert at abuse and didn't want anyone to go through the same torment that you did. My heart aches for you and for every child who is experiencing that pain too. I stopped and said a little prayer for you and all of the hurting hearts. Keep writing, it will help you to heal plus you get the bonus of reaching out to others and helping them to heal or even better a parent may see themselves in your words and make a change right now.

Hi Debra,
I like this story for the optimistic thread you weave through it. Here is a hurting child looking for a bright side in something as simple as a hamburger. Life is not black or white. Many times it is as gray as an abusive husband who makes good hamburgers at his daughter's request. Keep mining this one as the Lord continues to heal you from the pain of the past.