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Very nice--I've heard a series of sermons recently on recognizing God's voice; the words He spoke to you were so tender and loving. Thanks for sharing this!
I'm sure that there are many that will identify with your experience (like me :D) Keep singing.
I say keep singing. (I'm a "car" singer too.) This essay is sure to touch it's readers where they live. True worship from the heart is always music to our Father's ears.
It's like you read my mind! I was thinking this same thing about singing-love to, but can't with out scaring everyone, including myself. You wrote this better then mine would have turned out though. Great job!
This is so true.
I feel compelled to tell you that your "song" is how you're living your life. I am writing this before I look at others comments because I want you to know that I am not just agreeing with others. I already love your voice. My wife thinks that she has a terrible voice and NEVER sings in public. But some of my most comforting moments are when I hear her singing quietly to herself when she's puttering around the kitchen. I think God is warmed and comforted in much the same way when He hears you singing.

I like your article. I, too, have struggled with singing because I so love to do so, but I don't know how many love to hear me!
Might I suggest that you delete the last sentence of the 1st paragraph? I think the article would flow even better if you did. Just a thought!
I sing at home and in the car as well. One day while at the gas station my son was pumping the gas and I was so into my praise that I forgot the window was open. My son was very embarrassed when he got back into the car telling me how many of the other customers were laughing at me. I told him it didn't matter because my song was for God and not for those who only heard my voice. I so much can identify with your entry. I think you wrote it well.
Oh, how I agree! It must be music to His ears just to listen to your heart's desire of worship. I was thinking about my children when they were little. It didn't matter how they sounded when they said it. Just the word, "mother" was music to my ears. He must feel the same way when we worship Him. I can just hear Him saying proudly, "This is my kid!"

Thanks for sharing your feelings. I learned from it.