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Great job with the topic and a fantastic message within your words. I really liked the urgency it conveyed to the reader. Nicely done.

God bless~
You made some valid points in this piece. I enjoyed the beginning. It immediately made me think of the store on the TV show The Waltons. Your message matches up with that era too, as it was set during the great depression.

I noted a few tiny errors like set instead of sit. Having someone as a challenge buddy might help to catch those little typos.

Though the world is in a tough situation what joy there is in knowing Jesus. With the right mindset even the mundane tasks can be a way of serving the Lord. Good job.
Nice message in this. Thanks.
I can tell that you gave this entry a lot of thought. It certainly is true that shopping for groceries has undergone many changes. It is also true that shopping at today's prices can be distressing and depressing. It is great to know that God understands all this and is still with us to help, and to keep us looking to Himself. Good job expressing all this.
I love the part about the mercantile, it reminded me that in the good ole days 'less was actually more." I enjoyed this very much.