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This was a wonderful turn of events from the beginning. I like the representation of Heaven. Keep it up,
So much depth and intensity to this piece. A lot of meaning and messages sprinkled through-out this well written entry.

I loved the ending. Great job. God Bless~
This is a lovely story with a beautiful ending.

May I offer just one bit of red ink? I felt that the opening paragraph was a little unusual, particularly the last line. When the MC says/thinks "I should have pureed your meat" it conjured up images of a black comedy, which I'm pretty sure you weren't meaning to do :-)

That's where it can be really helpful to have someone else read over the story, not just from a grammar perspective, but also to ask if anything didn't quite gel with them.

You have a lovely writing style; I especially love the concept of praying for loved ones in heaven! I wasn't sure about it at first, but your use of scripture to back it up made sense and was a wonderful revelation! Well done, keep writing and learning and being a wonderful blessing to others with your talents!
Your entry was unique in the sense that it had three levels; the passing of Fred, Fred's arrival in Heaven and then the third part with Ned. It came all together in a very smooth way. I think, however, I would have liked to have had you incorporate a little more of the topic at hand. I think the reader assumes Fred is at a potluck but that is the only mention. I think you have a very unique way of writing and am impressed with that technique. Nicely done.
This is a fascinating story. The beginning paragraph was wonderful and grabbed my attention immediately. I think some may think it is weak on topic, but I see instead of a potluck of food, you went into a different direction and did a potluck of different characters in Heaven. I absolutely love that you showed that pray still happens in heaven. It makes our relationship with Jesus on earth even more personal.