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A perfect and encouraging story about how God does indeed answer prayer. I enjoyed reading it very much.
This gave me chills. I loved the whole piece. The story, the writing and the meaning beyond the words. God is always listening, and always in control. Amen.

Thank you for sharing.

God bless~
This is a sweet love story and it made me smile. I enjoyed how Cassie's specialty was something sweet and the owner was sweet on Cassie. It's a nice job bit of metaphor.

You have quite a few little technical errors. There is a missing quotation mark after Gee whiz (and whiz should be lowercase)and when she says sorry there aren't any quotation marks. Having a good proofreader or challenge buddy would help a lot. (If you'd like me to explain more of what I noticed feel free to PM and I'll give you more details.)

The ending, though slightly predictable was nice. Most people enjoy a happy ending. I also like your message about how God can answer prayers in ways we might never expect. You also did a nice job of covering the topic. Good job.