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A very thought-provoking piece written with much passion on the subject. There are a couple of things I think could have made your entry more enjoyable to read; the first is that the first paragraph needs to be broken up into several paragraphs to make it easier for the reader to absorb as he/she should. The second is merely a question re when you said "saved them from eternity." I think you meant "saved from Hell," since none of us can be saved from either eternity; that of Heaven or Hell. Other than that, your entry was well received by this reader.
Sad but true - you described it well. very interesting
I think this is an amazing take on the topic. It's original and so thought-provoking. Churches do need to find ways to bring the youth in with new songs of praise but it's so easy in the desire to minister to the modern youth to allow things to spiral in the wrong direction. You did a fantastic job with showing that. I wasn't quite sure how Paul came to see a modern church but perhaps it wasn't a modern one after all because People have been making that mistakes for centuries. You wrote a creative and thought-provoking piece.
This is good. Though I will say the music COULD have still been true worship. :) Though I'll admit, it's not my cup of tea, even though I'm (barely) in the "under 30"age range. ;) I didn't think you meant that loud music, jumping, etc. can't be worshipful, though, so no worries there. Nice job on this.
Good job with this piece.

So many churches are "caving" into the "easy" way of getting people to enter the doors of the church.

The music of dancing and praising can be honoring the Lord. As David did in Psalms, dancing and singing in priase to God. However, NOT getting into the word, or scriptural reference is what really upsets me.

We should ALL be ONE body of CHRIST...and it is a sad how many are not being "fed" properly. I enjoyed this,and liked the ending. Profound. God Bless~
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