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Awww. I loved this story. It could have been a Debbie Macomber movie of the week. I am a sucker for happy endings...and Amen, this one had a beautiful one.

Thank you...great entry.

God Bless~
That was great, would love to read more, good job
This is such a sweet love story. I could so relate to the fear of being hurt again. I also have several friends who desperately want a husband and family but for now God has other plans for them.

I think the weakest part of your story would be the on topic section. It would be the perfect story for this week's protecting the heart but I have a hard time seeing the current events part in it.

Even if you do score lower on the topic part., you will do great with the beginning. It drew mew in right away. I also enjoyed the ending and the sense of hope. You also do quite well in transitioning from one part to the next. Though the story may be a tad predictable you have given a clear message. Life must be handled in God's time not ours. I believe for some reason, God asked you to write this story right now and I have no doubt that he will use your words to give up to someone who needs it right now. Following God's leadings is the most any of us can do.
RE: “Hold on, now Melanie. The last thing you need is an office romance, or anything *or the sort! Remember Michael?” she chastised herself.

I believe should read, "...anything of the sort!"

As far as the topic, "Current Affairs", this article might actually be very relevant as divorce is something plaguing so many marriages today. This story aptly goes well beyond the hurt, distrust and feelings of betrayal that come with the ending of a marriage relationship and clearly counsels in the body of an encouraging and clever love story that one is better served to wait upon God and follow His lead through faith, patience and forgiveness to find His treasure of blessing in the people He brings into our lives to shower His love upon us making us whole and content in this life. As we all know, too, our God is one who works in mysterious ways and this story also shows that He will not stop at anything, as first and foremost evidenced by Christ's Holy sacrifice for us, to draw anyone to Himself that draws near to Him. Although, 'Michael' realized the errors of his ways - and too late to mend them with 'Melanie' - in her forgiveness he was given release to move on in his life instead of being left in bondage of guilt and regret that stagnates any life. A very well-rounded story! Woo hoo, Lynn and a big thumbs up :)