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I enjoyed this meaningful and complex poem. It held significance in all aspects, and many will be touched by it. Thank you. God bless~
Your poem has a diferent cadence than some, but it grew on me as I saw the purity of your motive- to help others. In writing we try to hone our skills, but mainly so that we may better reach the hearts of others with the message of the cross. Thank you for using your gift to His glory.
This is a lovely piece. If we encourage our kids to ask questions when they are young (even though constantly hearing why can get draining) then when they are older they know the right questions to ask.
This is such an important lesson for us to learn, to ask questions of our kids and to take the time to listen to theirs. It's so easy to gloss over their curious natures; but how blessed we both are when we, the parents, take the time to listen and ponder our kids' concerns and try to help them as best as we can.

A really great job at the poem. I agree it was a little uneven with the rhythm, which meant I had to stop and start a little, but overall the message came through clearly and beautifully. Well done.