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I've often wondered what treatment, if any, I would choose if I had cancer. I think I have to trust God to let me know if I ever had to decide. In the meantime, I plan to live each day as a gift from God.
Praise God...Our lives are in His hands always. He led the MC to the right decision for her circumstances and beliefs.

If this is a true story, my prayers are with they are with all of those facing "cancer" at this very moment.

Well written and moving entry.

God bless~
This is a great story. You definitely covered the topic. The courage of your MC enlightened me and gives me hope. I love the last line and think it is one of the best last line I've ever heard.
I could feel your MC's struggle as she decided to risk the future on her faith in God.
The narrative flowed well. Just a note: In most instances the word "said" follows the name of the person whose speaking. i.e "Judy said," rather than "said Judy."

I love this: "When radiation made her weak, her faith made her strong." It's applicable for many of life's struggles.

Great job!
Very nicely done. Such a powerful and thought provoking entry.

I noticed that you used "had" quite a bit. It helps me to read my writing aloud to catch those critters.

Thanks for this nice piece.