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This is a beautiful piece with so many delightful truths in it.

You have quite a few errors. If you are making something plural, you don't need the apostrophe, just add the s and save the apostrophe to show possessions or for contractions. A good proofreader would help you catch things like strength instead of strongness.

Your words have a lot of passion in them. You give the reader a lot to think about. I can tell you have a passion for spreading God's words. Keep writing.
Good job of proclaiming Jesus Christ and all His glory. And, great job of showing us "your heart" and love for Our Lord.

I loved this line:
"Jesus Christ is my hero and his fame is timeless and without fail" Perfect!

Thanks. God Bless~
I agree with Shann and your using the apostrophe in the wrong place and a few grammatical mistakes. However, I love the way you wrote with feeling about Jesus and showing that He is more famous than all.