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Yes "God walks ahead of us" we are to follow and humbly wait for His timing.

Good job with this, good message, and nice points to ponder.

Thanks. God BLess~
This is a nice little essay. You definitely showed how rich can be found in others things besides money. You were spot on topic.

I noticed you put an apostrophe s after many words. You only use an apostrophe if you are showing ownership such in the cat's tail or if you are bringing two words together like that's for that is. Try expanding more on your examples and perhaps even give a personal example like When I received the long awaited pay raise, I thought my troubles would disappear. Something like that will help you to connect with the reader more.

I really enjoyed the minister's story. It was a funny joke and it left me with a warm feeling. Keep writing what God puts on your heart, you never know how many people you may touch with your words.