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This was a great story(sounds like it might be true?) I loved the way she brought a story to life in the form of a game and converted her friend so easily.

Nice job.. I enjoyed this very much. God Bless~
Nice story - watch your punctuation - there were a few places where you had quotation marks missing. Good use of the topic!
This is an interesting twist to the popular party game did you ever? Though I think I'm thinking of another one with the same name I still liked how you brought it in to entice people to keep reading.

I do have some red ink for you to help you become the best writer you can possibly be. First you need to brush up on your punctuation rules. Many times you forgot an end quote. For example in this section --
“Well continued Lisa, it’s even scarier when two or more do the chasing. When they say “Don’t look back” and they mean it, because you never know how they are planning to scare you.”
You have quite a few little errors. The first one is there should be a comma and a "after Well," then a period after Lisa and another " before It's Another way you could tackle that same part is to do it this way "Well." Lisa continued, "It's scarier..." Not that I put a quotation mark before It's scarier... The reason why there are two ways is because the first one seemed like Well was a sentence by itself. the second time it was obvious that the Well, was interrupted by the tag line. It can get confusing with all of the rules.

At another part you completed a quote then wrote Asked Katy. Asked should be in lowercase because it is part of the sentence that has the quote.

If you could get someone to help you proof it that would be great because we all need proofers. The last thing when you use a quote inside a quote you use the single mark ' which would look like this 'Don't look back.'

I chuckled about the very smart girl but when it came to Bible smarts part, I out and out giggled. How true is that! Overall you have a good solid piece here, it just needs a tiny polishing. Keep writing, I think you have a naturally creative mind.

Now I know I gave you a lot of red ink but I did that because the errors were minor and you have a great way of developing your characters and making them seem real. Keep writing and I hope I didn't totally confuse you. God bless.