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There's an excellent message in here, one we all need to hear.
Nice segue into the Bible story we are all so familiar with...and nice research on Lot's wife.

Very strong message that was brought forth in a gentle way...I enjoyed this. Good job. God Bless~
I love finding answers to questions no one else asked but me. Very interesting. Nice job.
Really on topic. I didn't think of Lot's wife, but you couldn't have found a better example. I enjoyed this perspective.
This is an interesting retelling of Lot and his wife. It certainly fit the title. I liked that you researched and thought about what might be going on in her head. I know we are all guilty of sin and I wonder if I would have been strong enough to not look back.
The writer's "voice" was clearly heard in this piece. Good connection between the author and the reader.
One minor suggestion - read over your piece for spelling errors - a couple were noted (happens to us all). You wrote a cohesive, nicely crafted piece with a great message.

I really admire and appreciate the research you did.

This is written very well. With this kind of work you won't stay at Level 1 for long!

Keep up the good work!
Ildith seems closer than the gentle Edith for Lot's wife; I agree with you. Interesting take and a nice job.
"our souls are covered in stone and ashes and we become like pillars of salt." I really like this line in particular. It creates a vivid image of what sin in our lives does to our heart. Good job with writing a piece that totally connects with the topic,
A very thought-provoking, obviously researched entry. Very, very interesting. I applaude your writing!
'... but do we? Not always.'

Be challenged, oh my soul.

It is difficult to sometimes turn away without looking back, but for many varying reasons. You did a good job of causing us to question our motives.

Well done.
Congratulations for ranking 10th in level one!