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These entries capture how many people feel when given a challenge task to perform and the simple words of encouragement that can propel us forward. Loved reading this.
I've been there! This is so well written, and absolutely comes from the heart. I've learned that leading doesn't mean you need to be perfect - in fact, my students appreciate it when I tell them how I need the lesson as much as they do.
Wonderful story and well written. So often people see the potential in us that we cannot. Your story certainly causes this reader to see that and reminds me of Phil 3:13.
Wonderful story! It held my attention from beginning to end. God Bless buddy :)
I liked your journal format for your well-told story of achievement. One little grammar hint--Commas and periods go inside the quotation marks.
Great job! I understand exactly how you feel because I've been there too. You reminded all of us what an amazing thing it is that God asks us to do and the blessings that come with being faithful to the call.
I've asked that question so many times, only from the other end of life. My late teens and the big "two-o" had me especially asking "where does God want me to go from here?" And I still only have a few of the answers. But the key, as you showed here, is just being willing to be used by Him and to be open to His leading ... day by day.

I loved the journal format! This was so good that I forgot I was reading a beginner's entry. Very well-done!
This is great. My only "complaint" is that you didn't have a journal entry for my birthday in May. ;) You hit a couple/few days either side of it. :D Seriously though, there are some great reminders in here. I don't know that we'll ever feel fully qualified to do what He has planned for us!
So authentic. I've felt these things as well - more often than once. Thanks so much for sharing your story.
Fresh approach. Very creative. Well written.
I liked the journal format. It portrayed a common theme in our lives as servants yet it was original, thoughtful and encouraging. Isn't it a hoot that we tend to focus on the end product instead of the step in front of us. Well done.
God often pushes us outside our comfort zones. I like the way the story developed with the turn of pages on a calendar. My favorite phrase was the one about the whole shoe store; very clever!
An altogether beautiful story filled with the wonders of "God" and how He can use us for His plans.

I loved this whole entry...compelling and intriquing, and loved the style of how you presented the entry.

My favorite part:
"She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “God does not call the perfected, He only calls the willing”

WOW! Powerful stuff. Thank you for this.

God bless you~

Great writing and you formatted it well!

"What if I open my big mouth and stick the whole shoe-store in it?" haha, just love that line. Keep writing!
I am so happy for you! This was a beautiful story...I loved it.

A hearty Congratulations!
God Bless you~
Hooting and cheering for you! Great job and welcome to level 2!
YAY DONNA! :D I knew this was a special piece. ;) So happy to see you at the top! Moving up!
Congratulations on your well-deserved first place win!
Congratulations on your first place ribbon and for placing 13th overall!
Wow! I don't know what to say, other than..."Thank you!"

I'm still in shock...but praising God! This was His story, I just get to tell it.

Excellent Donna!
and Congratulations!!!

I especially loved the line about sticking the 'whole shoe store in your mouth'.

This was so humorous, believable and encouraging.

God bless!