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Wow - I enjoyed this so much. Good story with humor and solid message-and I loved how you chose to use the topic. Great job! keep writing. God Bless~
I really enjoyed the story and the humour. It kept me wondering where the topic was till the very end.
This is a great story on the power of forgiveness. Breaking off Satan's talons. Love that.
This is a great story. The beginning was intriguing. You really developed the characters.

Even though you mention the topic it isn't integral to your story. If you left out that sentence it wouldn't impact your story line at all.

I did really like the characters. You did a fantastic job with the dialog. I also liked how human you made the pastor. Sometimes people forget and put them on a pedestal or go the opposite and make them tyrants. I loved the message of forgiveness. It's not always easy to do and you showed that in this creative piece.
This is a really good article. The characters in it are believable and Human. I liked the article.

I think you are right to link the social media in that way as it demonstrates how it can be used for good but as a tool and not as an end in itself, I really liked that.
This is a very simply written and easy to read entry. I, too, like your characters and the way you portray the pastor.

And can I just say that Teen Challenge is a wonderful organisation that has helped so many people break Satan's talons off of their lives through the power of Jesus Christ, and love and belief in people! Well done.