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Great poem and so true
Beautiful job! I loved this poem - you depicted the spiritual battle of good versus evil through poetic words. Nicely done. God Bless~
I liked your poem. It is very true. Satan tries to mess us up, and God moves in and unmesses our messes. Praise God!
Interesting take on the topic. I like the rhythm of the poem and the truths you've conveyed. Nice job.
I thought this was very clever. You covered the topic in an entertaining way.

My only suggestion might be to divide your poem into verses. The white space makes it easier to read and is less overwhelming.

I really appreciate your analogy and you delivered a wonderful message in a fun, not preachy, way.
Beautiful, and well-said message. Such an accurate, spot-on analogy.

A re-formatting of the poem (like the extra line spacing mentioned by Shann) would make this piece shine even brighter.
Very creative perspective on the topic. A+, for that.