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The beginning really intrigued me and made me want to keep reading. I liked the way you brought the topic in.

You might want to break some of the paragraphs into smaller ones. Especially in a short story the lack of white space can overwhelm the reader.

Make sure you stay consistent with the tense. You started out in the past then slipped to present then back again.

I liked the ending. I thought he was going to start writing her blog so she would live on through it. It really tugged at my heart. Grief is such a hard subject to deal with.
I lost a wife to brain cancer, so I'm acquainted with grief...I love how you ended this about life smiling on the other side...God bless you in your writing...
This was really sweet and I link the tie to the topic. Millie sounds like a special lady. Thanks for sharing her with us!
The end was deffinately my favorite part. Tender moments from God are always what tug on my heart too. Thanks for sharing.
I really liked this and it hit close to home. I just lost a dear friend a couple days ago and her husband is left with their sweet memories.

Very creative and you showed us the story instead of telling. Great job.

Lovely ending. God Bless.
Your beginning sentence drew me in. I instantly wanted to know what is over. Nice job holding the memory alive of Millie.
This was beautifully written..You managed to share Millie with us, in a big way-with so few words.

She sounded like a lovely woman, who was positive and filled with God's love and peace. Powerful ending, a perfect line to end this heart tugging entry.

Loved it...God bless you~
A creative take on the topic. I really enjoyed it and would agree that smaller paragraphs would help with the flow. I also wanted to know of the backstory, but that gets hard with a short word count. Thanks so much for sharing!
Poignant and beautiful, right down to the title.:-) Your economical use of words worked well here. Great beginning with a fabulous finale. I thought I detected a few verb tense switches in paragrap two. Just something to keep in mind. With a few minor changes, definitely a potentially publishable, short, short story.
Well done!
Nice. I did like it.