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This was simply beautiful! My gosh, I am wiping tears from my eyes! I can hardly believe I am the first to comment on this lovely, touching entry.

It was not only on topic, but it was a beautiful story, and had emotional moments throughout. I loved it! Great job!

And the ending withe the image, was the icing on the cake-great wrap-up!

God Bless you~
I do like this story. It is so touching.I think I enjoyed the part about the little boy waiting for you. I could fill what he was feeling.

Be careful about long sentences. There were sentences that could be condensed a little more, and the use of comma's.
Very nice. Good Job!
This was really outstanding! You hard a great flow and the ending was outstanding. The start went on a little too long about how much you missed your grandparents. I think that message was definitely conveyed in the comments with Grandma. You nailed the topic and even got creative with the familiar it was only a dream scenerio. I really believe something like this is possible because I had a similar "dream" when Mom died. The only suggestion I have are little ones like their is no period after Miss, and some of the sentences could have been tightened up a bit. Overall I think yon did a great job.
Wow! What a beautiful, heartwarming story. Just imagining the conversation transports the reader to another plane. You give your reader tranquility and hope.
I’m wondering if this is fiction or based on a true experience?? This was wonderful, I was glued to it! I could imagine a couple of my lost loved ones right there on the Crystal sea, fishing along with grandpa, as they too had loved fishing so much! The image of the picture fading was the perfect ending! Such a unique, heartwarming story! Just a terrific job!
Beautiful story. You did an outstanding job with the creativity and it was on topic.

I had difficulty with the first paragraph as far as the flow. I had to read it a couple of times. There is no period after Miss.

Good message and scripture. Great job, God Bless!
A nicely written piece that touches the heart. Well done!
This was very heartwarming...excellant writing and mental imagery...I'm about to turn in and this will be on my mind as I enter dreamland...
Congratulations for ranking 12th in level one!
Congratulations on coming 12th in the rankings for your level. Well done!