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Your story sounds like this resembles somewhat of a womens retreat. I liked it.

I wasn't sure about it being on topic. Were you using the women "Seekers" as the search engine?

I noticed too, that you like to use hyphens. These are called m dashes. Try using your hyphen key "twice" after the word you want it to follow, and it should display correctly. Most Word Docs are set this way.

A few punctuation errors, but I enjoyed reading this. Good Job.
It sounds like a deep and meaningful experience. Was the idea of using the ladies hearts and minds as search engines how you meant the topic here? Or was it the Holy Spirit? I wasn’t quite sure exactly how you meant the topic to be brought in. Sounds like it a blessed time the ladies spent together! Thanks for sharing!
This is a lovely testimony. The opening really drew me in. Although you talk about searching, you didn't really nail the topic search engine. Check the message boards for clarification if you need to. It was a nice message.
I can see that your connection to the topic was "seekers" and searching for presenters and leaders.

You did a good job of showing how meaningful this was to the participants.

Might be a little more effective if you had chosen one small area, or hour of the retreat, and peppered it with action.

Nice read:)
A very interesting story which I enjoyed very much - Thank you!
Your opening paragraph, especially the "twenty-six hour time commitment" had me intrigued. I can sense this was a deeply intense experience for you and the process used to find the leaders was fascinating.