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This is nice. At first I thought it was a mother talking about her son, then realized it was about Jesus.
I know this is about Jesus. I like the story of Him being a babe, and then giving His life by choice for us. It is a simple story of the Greatest Gift ever given. Well done. I'm just not sure who is talking- at first I thought it was Mary and Joseph, then God and the Holy Spirit? or Angels? clue me in after Thursday or if someone else has a take on it? I think it is written from a heavenly view because of how time passes. Thanks:)
I had thoughts almost exactly like Jennifer!! I also knew right away Jesus was the subject and at first I too thought it was Mary and Joseph talking…but the more I read I thought no, maybe God and an angel…but then I came to believe it to be God and the Holy Spirit… hopefully we can find out for sure! LOL Very interesting presentation!!
Twas the God head speaking together regarding.... Adam (mankind - fall & redemption)