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This is a really nice devotion with a good message.

You may want to put Bible verses in italics. Also make sure you proofread, proofread abd proofread. You had a few tiby errors. For ex: you wrote major High ways and it should be major highways. And: not prepare for should be not prepared for. Also remember to write out numbers under ten.

I really like how you tackled the subject of fear. It is something everyone can relate to and your advise was spot on. It's easy to let my fear control me, but then I would miss out on so many wonderful things. Thanks for the wonderful message.
Very unique presenting fear as a mutual friend - but God gave us the emotion of fear for good reason, it is a warning emotion that can save our lives and you are right in this article it is a warning to act, not a feeling that is supposed to paralyze us! Good lesson but to me I found it a stretch to have it really fit the challenge – but hopefully the judges will see it differently for it is a well written message!