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Great hook. As soon as that magazine slapped against the table I was in.

It's a well-told story. You did a good job of bringing in enough details and dialogue to keep the story moving along.

There were some minor things- verb tenses, that 'suddenly' in there-- but overall it was really well done, I was even a little misty-eyed at the end.

The only real critique I have is the 'devotional' paragraph in there. Let your story speak its truth as it is, don't explain it. Trust your reader to get it.

Good job, writer.
It won't be long and you will be heading up in levels. This is such a splendid story and sweet as the lemon cake made for the daddy. I like the relate-able message too! I am so glad that the daughter had parents who didn't find fault, even in the times of imperfection, but looked beyond the human error and saw the heart of their precious daughter. How beautiful! With just a change here and there this could be made easily into a Christmas story as well.(Yet, I like this the way it is now. Well done!!
Oh this is funny.I still can't make meringue. I could really empathize with poor Emily. But what a great Dad!
Very sweet story, and so tender the way the mom and dad handled the situation.

I loved it! It allows us to be ever mindful of God and how he loves us irrespective of our "misses" and "errors" in life...A poignant story, with sentiments that resonant within my soul.
Nice Job- God Bless~
Wow! You did such a nice job at unveiling this delicate story of love, encouragement, and character. I loved every bit of it!
I really enjoyed this well told story.
It reminded me of the old adage; 'God loves a tryer.'

The story is perfectly told.
I can just imagine how proud you must have felt as your husband asked for more cake.

Good title!

Congratulations on a job well done. God Bless~