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This is a good lesson that would be tough for an 8 yo to learn. But I've realized kids learn so much more by watching than listening. I like that when the parents behaved better so did the son.

The ending might have been a little abrupt and tied into a nice bow.

I think your lesson might have been even more powerful if you had the family still struggle a bit. Just because they found God doesn't mean all problems disappear but that through Christ we can accomplish and get through any trial.

Overall a really nice message both for kids and adults. Keep writing you have a lot to say.
I like your story. It's down to earth and heaven bound at the same time. God really changes a lot - and sometimes even in a very short time!! Don't let anyone tell you that that's not possible. :-)

I often think that God intervenes so powerfully especially with his 'babies' (young Christians). He often (but not always) lets them have instant success to give them a headstart and know for sure that he loves them. Once, you're walking with Christ for a while, you may have to battle with some issues for a long time.
It's God's grace helping you mature and grow in faith when that happens. But I love it - I have to admit - when God treats me like his 'baby'. It is wonderful.