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So funny! However there's always an exception to the rule and I am in the enviable (?) position of never being able to keep the supply of fresh fruit up to my family of growing boys. Keep writing. Your sense of humour is contagious.
Seriously though...combining the tribulations of parenthood with fruit has produced a neat and amusing piece. The editing needs some tightening up in places, but you have a voice all of your own. Keep writing! God bless.
You have a really humerous style, and that's the style that keeps your stuff worth reading. That's what will keep your stuff sailing through into the intermediate category. You made great points, you had great imagery and I had a laugh. So, if this was your purpose - then mission complete!
Good sense of humour! I too have found unidentified objects believed to be fruit in the most unexpected places! Our biggest problem is fruit with seeds. Clearly, as far as my boys are concerned, that's where God REALLY got it wrong! LOL!
Ha! I threw away a whole bin of apples last week. Of course, everyone asks for one after they've been thrown away. Kids are so funny. Thanks for sharing!
As others have said before me, your sense of humour came through strongly. I could relate well to the uneaten fruit saga! Well written!
Your article made me chuckle. I love the way you put this together. Very nice.
You made me think about the apples I bought my daughter going to waste in my fridge..maybe I'll go make applesauce! Nice story and thoughts!
Not a parent, but an avid fruit-forcing aunt, I identify! My nephew and niece call me 'the fruit police', and I too wonder why junk food is so much more attractive?! But I've got a lot of over-ripe fruit in my own house too so......

Well done!
Yolanda this was really cute. I especially liked the parts about cars crashing into fruitstands! I'd notticed that before too. :) Good Job on a unique piece!
I enjoyed your hairy fruity piece! LOL! Keep up the good work!