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Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing! God bless!
Oh- I like it. A great retelling of Judas' story. Good detail!
Judas is usually given a bad rap. While I felt you could have expanded more on his inner turmoil as many of us play the Judas role from time to time. However, I think you did a good job with the word limit we have. God bless and keep sharing as he inspires you.
Wow I really liked this. I'm usually pretty good at picking up hints but I was surprised to find the MC Judas. This is a great take on the topic.

You've done a nice job starting to show the reader rather than tell. You could have gone a bit more with this by having the MC say something like I still get chills when my mind drifts back, then you could have put the flashbacks in italics. If you're not sure how to do this go to the message boards and look under FAQ. It won't show at first but if you hit preview then you will see how your piece will look.

I really how you made feel like I was in the MC's mind. You have a natural gift for this genre Nicely done!
Well written! I liked the unusual take on Judas, his expectations, his inner thoughts. I would have enjoyed this even more as a longer piece; there’s only so much you can do with 750 words, but you used them well!
All right, Kristine, when you make the reader – me, at least – not only sympathize with the MC, but begin to identify with him . . . well . . . what can I say, but that it doesn’t get much better than that, for an author. Your writing talent is something for us all – me, at least – to seek out.
Congratulations for ranking 10th in level one!