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Very interesting ending!
Ah yes, I found the ending intriguing as well. In fact, your whole premise is very thought-provoking. Keep honing - you're headed in the right direction.
You're a very good writer, but the ending puzzled me. Were you speaking metaphorically about the stem burning up in her fingers? Because if that REALLY happened, I don't understand how she could still be hard-hearted about God. Well-crafted story, just puzzling.
I'm confused too. Or maybe not. Perhaps you could PM me to let me know what it is you were trying to portray in the ending with the flower. Perhaps her burnt fingers were just an added reason to be mad at God? Would like to know. Thanks for sharing!
Very well written and I like the construction of it; but again, the ending is a puzzler. Its clear that God is trying to reach out to her through all her little, and rather larger, hurts. Very thought provoking stuff. God bless.
So so so so very sad......!

The way you linked the first part and the end with the passages was good. It was like a modern day version of the Old Testament saga of Israel's rebellion and return to God. Except that Susan didn't return, despite God's Word to her.

I like the way her wizened hardened heart was withered like the daisy.

Yet He IS a God of mercy - hence speaking into Susan's life through Scripture and the daisy. May it be that her heart again softens to Him.

And yet you leave us with the haunting certainty that He is a God of judgement ... you could have brought in the verse from Hebrews too about those who've tasted of His goodness but turned away, can they again turn back ... ooh ... too scary! Seriousy scary.

A good piece, anyhow. Well done. Takes a bit of brain power to process. But it is GOOD!