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You present a precise and factual paper about communication. I like how you pointed out that some cultures avoid eye to eye contact. I wish you had gone into that more and given precise details about which culture it is that feels that way.

It might help if you break your paragraphs into smaller sections. Keep writing and don't ever lose your passion for words. I can see where face to face conversation is getting rarer but hopefully it will never become obsolete. I often hunger for more companionship and you showed that in your essay.
A fine expository lesson on conversation.

You may have over-used the topic phrase, and I'd suggest some more human interest anecdotes to keep an essay like this from becoming too dry and academic.

Your writing definitely shows your heart; thanks for this entry.
You are obviously well informed on the topic. I think as writer's we should try to think outside the box using our creativity along with the facts. Thanks for your article and keep writing.
I agree about the trend of losing face-to-face conversation in the sea of technology. I also agree that the transparency factor is what causes people to shy away from it. But also, I agree that face-to-face communication will always be needed to fulfil our human needs and to be a real friend to others. Good writing.
Very informative. I'd have liked to see you illustrate some of your points with a sentence or two of conversation. That way, the reader would have a little break between info sentences and could "see" how good conversation can be achieved. You have many good points in this article!
Your article reflects that you have given much thought to this descriptive piece. I enjoyed reading it.
I like how you gave this a lot of thought and detail. Lots of potential...keep writing.