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Fantastic devotional! Not only was this inspirational with great "do-able" advice, but your scripture choice to bring it all together was actually, down right superb!! I for one, will never forget the picture you have painted here with Jesus breathing His Holy Spirit of peace upon those hiding in fear. And yes, we all experience the same emotions and I for one, have honestly had days where I did forget if I ever ate. Kudos for showing us the heart of one who has definitely been called to write.

Two tidbits: Double space between paragraphs for easier reading and work on proof reading to catch those minor spelling errors (of which I still miss, doggone it!) I can't wait to see all of the places you will go! :)
This is probably the best article that I have read so far. What a wonderful devotional!
Wonderful devotional. I loved the way you described the scriptures. I agree with others, the paragraphs and some of the spelling needs fixin. The story tho is fine.
Thanks for the comments. I see where I made one mistake where I put is instead of He, but I do not see the other spelling mistakes. There must be something that I am not getting. I want to learn, so please help me. Which words did I miss spell? I need to know so that I can do better the next time.
Thank you so much for the encouragement. My family and friends keep telling me that they like my writing, but I have always thought they were biased. Thank you for helping build my confidence. God Bless
This is the start of a beautiful devotion. You took something we all could relate to then compared it to something in the Bible. Just be careful with the proofreading, when Jesus entered the Upper Room you used is instead of He. There were a few other things that needed just a little polishing (double space between paragraphs) but the message is quite clear and done nicely.
Since you asked, this isn't a misspelling, but you start the first two sewntences off the same way. Try mixing it up unless you're purposely going for repetition. Also use the contractions sometimes. It's how we speak, so in the beginning it would be fine to say you've instead of you have. Other than that there was a place or two where I would have put a comma or a semi-colon to help the reader know where to pause. Some of this is just style. But near the end you had a long sentence that needed a comma As you breathe in and out, But the important thing is the message and you did an outstanding job with the message. Keep writing and don't get discouraged.