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Oh, how my heart ached for the MC. I was right beside her through the entire read, experiencing the ups and downs you described so well. I also felt the comfort of being able to start a new life "not weighted down" and was happy to know that it didn't start alone.

I would have liked to have seen the ending, expounded on just a wee bit more. :)
One thing that you can always be sure of, if you tell a good story, everyone looks at it differently anyway!:) Personally, I loved the ending. It fit in so good for the topic.
Good story, I liked the trouble with the couch. It was a bad situation that turned out good just like the MCs life will. Keep writing.
You did a great job describing how hard it would be to leave your husband. I could picture the MC as she moved into her parent's home ,it must have been bittersweet. Although you did manage to slide the topic word in there, the story wasn't really about the topic. But then in a way I could see how it was like an analogy-starting a new life is a lot like taking a fresh breath. Keep writing, you've done a great job so far.
Sometimes marriage problems can't be resolved, or seem that way. Curious me wanted to know what went wrong. You did a good job of putting your life story on paper, which is not an easy thing to do.
I was reading your hint, and while i already commented on how much I liked the story, I thought I'd drop in and give you a tiny bit of red ink. Make sure you start a new paragraph when a different speaker starts talking(it doesn't matter how short the sentence is, even a one word quote should be in a separate paragraph.) With that said you're doing a great job, I've seen you really develop your style and voice in the last few weeks. keep up the great work! :)