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Such a sweet "hearts desire" poem. I was touched by every sentiment you wrote but especially liked:You imparted hope and faith to me,
Gave me purpose only You could see.

I sgree with Renee on the special statement that meant a lot to me, but frankly, the whole thing meant a lot to me because I LOVE rhyming poetry, and it seems like I find so little of it on here. Keep writing poetry. You have what it takes to touch hearts.
Love your rhyme and your message. Well written.
It was well put together. There is a hymn of such almost as the same tone as yours. I thinks it's actually Breathe On Me. Or something like that. I'd have to look it to be sure. However, it was well written. Keep writing and never give up1 That's my motto.
This is beautiful. The rhymes and rhythm all speak of the love of Jesus.
The last two stanzas are my favorite! I love how it talks about the Holy Spirit coming into our life, giving us a purpose that only He knows, and being our Best Friend whom no one can replace!
This is a beautifully inspiring prayer.