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Thanks so really is like this with distractions, interruptions, etc. Yet when we are truly gounded in God's word our direction is clear. Great job!
so sorry...guess "grounded" is meant to be reiterated - spelled correctly.
This is a great message. I really liked the poem. You need to watch out and make sure you put an apostrophe on possessive words like car's lights, man's. But those are just little details, the important part is your message and the poem is beautiful.
Great messages in the poem and the story itself. The dialog seemed very natural and, other than a few grammatical errors, this entry gets two thumbs up from me.
Cleverly written and illustrates how important friends (and being able to listen to their input) can be in influencing us. I especially liked this stanza:
"If your stewing, something's wrong.
If you fret about it, don't do.
Oh my, one man's right, one wrong,
Where can I get a clue?"

One typo I found. I think "If your stewing" should read: if you're...but other than that, great job!
I found your entry. Thanks for the hint. I love poems, although I don't write them very well. I enjoyed the poem part and the article around it. I hope you do well. Now find mine also in beginners and give me a review. Two words, first one is another word for fancy, kinda. Second word, someone you don't know.
I liked your take on the topic. You weaved your story with a little poetry and taught a lesson at the same time. Its a good reminder that our ability to write can be used by God to touch someone else. Good job.
Well, I love poems and I liked the flow of yours as well as the article around it. Good friends are harder to find now days. Thanks for sharing.
Enjoyed your creativity with having your neighbor read your article. Made your writing very personable and therefore, very relatable to the reader. You are off to a great start!