The Official Writing Challenge
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Cute. Maybe the power of suggestion from the topic caused your writer's block.
I liked this, because it so clearly shows the frustration of blockage. So clearly demonstrates the aggitation I felt during most of this challenge week. Oh, the irony of being stuck on writing about being stuck!

This piece almost looked like a free-writing exercise (where you type without stopping or thinking for a set length of time.) And if it was a free-write, I have a feeling, if you'd continued on for a few more minutes, you may have struck something big!

Short, sweet and to the point. Sounds like so many of us writers. Certain words cause mental shut down.
Made me laugh cuz' I've been there, done that!
No, no, no, - please don't resign - I enjoyed this, great fun!
I felt this exact way about this exact topic. Couldn't come up with a thing. I thought this was very realistic and true to every writer's life. Way to hang in there! (Please don't resign; you have talent!)
Sounds like something we've all been there-done that. Cute.
Termites in the pencils? Never contemplated that. Did try to even out the plane of the eraser.

Loved it!
You couldn't have said it better. We've all been there.
The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree...even in Africa.
I look forward to more from you.