The Official Writing Challenge
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Liked your originality chronologically journaling your thoughts and ideas along with adding scriptures relevant to what you were feeling.
I felt privileged being allowed to peek inside your private life and look forward to being a part of your writing journey.

Don't worry about putting the number of words you use as it's checked when you submit it. I did the same thing :)

I love the rookie' journal, and how you put thoughts down as they come, because if not they are soon lost in the muddle of life. Good job and keep writing.
I, too, have felt this very statement: "I’m such a novice and have so much to learn. Lord, there are so many writers. Is there room for one more?" The answer is an emphatic, "Yes!" I can tell God's placed talent within you. I can see it in your writing. And on your part, 600 children's books! Wow! But that is exactly how we improve; we study other authors; and then we study them some more. I commend you 100%. Keep up the great work, and beat away discouragement when it comes. You have a gift. Never stop using it.