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This was good reading.
I enjoyed reading this piece. Well done
Great story, well written and very entertaining.
This is the 3rd article where I have learned a new word and am pleasantly amused :)
And lastly...excellent job with the topic!
Very good story.
Wonderfully written! It really takes the reader back to the era of the knights. The topic is very well demonstrated in the story as well. I think this one has a good chance of winning! :)
Enjoyed this very much.
Very nicely written. How wonderful to be able to make peace.
Great description. Bear agrees with the above comments.
Well done!
Great story and well told. Very, very good!
This flows beautifully with description and dialogue both of which help to carry the story line and engage the reader to the end. Keep this up and I wouldn't expect to see you in the beginner's level for long.
Realized I never left an actual comment on this! D=

Like I said before, I like it. -nod- Well writ and well thought.

I'll try to get a full critique written and sent soon. ;)
Yay! I hope Rolland learned a thing or two. You've written a wonderful compelling story. I enjoyed this!
Yay, Caity!!! :D I told you you would win! ;)
Hey, super congrats on 1st place... (I can't believe this is your first entry, Wow!)