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A good job, but I would suggest not using the second "Phew" That seemed a little much to me, and too close together. Just remember, that is only one persons opinion. Keep writing!
Good job. You made me feel like I was there going through it myself. Phew is right. Thank God for the ending.
Praise God indeed. Thanks for this account of your eye troubles. For me, ignorance translates into fear, and this could be useful education for a less fearful future.
Love the title. Your word choice felt just right. You have an EYE for detail.

When we teach through writing, as we tell a dynamic story it adds more weight to ur words too. Just my opinion, and I'm so cheap it's free.
I've tried driving with dilated eyes, and it IS a terrifying experience. I've also had cataract surgery, and watched while it was happening. So I was able to totally relate to this. Good job!
Not only a great whew but a great answer to prayer. One suggestion for an otherwise GREAT entry. You might want to preview it before you enter it, so you can even out the lines. I usually do that but this time I only had 3 minutes to deadline and I didn't have a chance. I don't know if it makes a difference in the judging but it does look better. Question: Why are you still in Beginners? You need to move up a bit, don't you think? :-)
Great story and so glad you had a good result. I, too, am wondering why you are in Beginners. Loved your title!
I love the line "I need a WHAT in my WHAT?" Too funny!

Your descriptions were great. I actually felt sick to my stomach when reading about the procedure. How's that for feeling like I'm there?
I was cringing the whole way through. You expressed very well the horror of having your eye messed with! Good story.
Good opening line, it drew me into the story to find out what was happening to the MC. I like happy endings. I am glad this circumstance ended well!
While in nursing school, eye surgery was the one thing I couldn't stomach. You brought me right back to that operating room. I had chills with your description. Good job.
Ack, I felt myself shrinking down in the chair with you as the injection came closer...then I realized I was only reading about it...PHEW!

Your writing continues to improve, keep it up!
The title was perfect for this story. Great descriptions, I felt your anguish.
Clever title! You skillfully allowed your reader to experience this breath-taking event with you. Very good work!