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A very touching story, and so true of kids. What a thrill that tape would have been to a Daddy that couldn't be there in person. Great job of writing it down!
Very precious, and I love the phrase "steadfast tin soldier". Haven't heard that story in ages.

I'd have liked less set-up and more of the tape story--that's the part that really held my interest.

Blessings on your soldier!

I think I smiled with admiration and delight all the way through this wonderful story. You did such a marvelous job of capturing the toddler voice and demeanor, as well as setting the scene perfectly. Those tapes, I'm sure, are now treasured keepsakes for all of you. What blessed memories! Great job with this entry.
God Bless your husband! I am so grateful, thankful and deeply touched for any and all servicemen. As I read your story, it made me feel so uplifted that he had (and has) you and his children. I was reminiscing through your entire story and could hear your toddler talking!