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Cute story. You may want to go easy on using the key word so many times in your writing. Other than that, nicely done.
This made me smile. I think God allows difficult characters in our lives to help us to grow and build patience. Like the "must have it yesterday" people. ;)

I could see everyone saying "ohhh good," "ohhh no," "ohhh dear!" :) It was kinda short, but still a cute story.
I liked the good principles conveyed here. You've expressed them in one short writing. Indeed, we reap what we sow. If we follow after peace with all 'men', and do good to all, as the Bible says, we are following the law of Love our Lord Jesus commands us. And let us not grow weary in well-doing, in due season we shall reap.

Thank you for you writing. Keep it up.
Add a scripture and you could easily convert this into a devotion-most need word counts under 300 words. You make some goood points, I'm sure there is a perfect Bible reading that would tie right in. Good job.
Definitely nice to read of a company that does its best to serve the customers!

A quick note--ellipses are always just three dots, and are never followed with a comma.

I enjoyed your casual, relatable tone. A pleasant read.
great story. i work in customer service, too. you sound like you talk to my cloients (lol). nicely tied to the theme. not sure the title goes well with it given the ending,though.
I enjoyed this, as we always joke about my living under "Murphy's Law." Sounds just like a day in my life. One little suggestion. You might put an extra space between paragraphs. This makes articles easier to read.